Lunch synopsis avril 2017

Subject: Color and alternative color points


Ron Steen Bio
Ron is a veteran in the LED application space. He first started playing with LEDs in 1995 while working as an engineer at General Motors and is credited with bringing the first LED Tail lamp to market on the 2000 Cadillac DeVille and subsequently started pioneering the LED headlamp. Since making the jump to general lighting in 2004 with Philips as Director of LED Systems and Drivers, Ron continued to stay at the forefront of LED adoption. In his role as VP of Business Development for Xicato Ron has been a driving force to change the LED dialog from Lumens per Watt to Quality of Light and is now focused on driving the adoption of Intelligent Lighting

Speaker References
2000 – Strategies in Light – invited speaker
2003 – Strategies in Light – invited speaker
2008 – DoE LED Market introduction workshop – invited speaker
2009 – Keynote speaker at IES Madison Chapter Meeting
2011 – LFI – accepted paper – LEDs and the color of White
2013 – Keynote speaker at IES Harrisburg Chapter Meeting
2014 – Strategies in Light – accepted paper – Lighting Designers are from Mars and LED manufactures are from Venus
2014 – Panelist at California Associations of Museums – “Let There be Light” panel discussion on lighting for Museums.
2014 – IALD Enlighten Americas Conference – “An Artsy Lighting Designer meets a Chip Head – Can They Co-Exist.” Spoke with Megan Carroll from Xicato and Steven Rosen from Available Light.
2015 – IES NA National Conference – Panelist on “Industry Road Map” Discussion
2016 – LEDucation 10 – Co-Presentation with Benz Roos from Speirs and Major – Exploring Luminous Surface


The color of “white” light has historically been a function of a medium being burned or heated. Of course fluorescent technology changed this and with the advent of LEDs we no longer need to be subservient to a burning filament. But even with new technology dating back to the 50’s the industry continues to live with light targeted at a burning piece of metal. With both RGB and LED phosphor solutions we can move the target point of white light. This talk will address the creations of alternative white points and explore, fundamental and application research to determine white point preference. Examples of BBL or Below the Blackbody Locus color points will be demonstrated during the discussion.