Lunch-Éclair 15 novembre 2022


Le Lunch-Éclair du 15 novembre 2022 de IES-Montréal se tiendra à nouveau en présentiel, au Plaza Centre-Ville, au 777 Blvd Robert Bourassa – Montreal, Québec, H3C3Z7

Ce Lunch-Éclair se fera en anglais et portera sur le POE, Power Over Ethernet (POE) Lighting




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Power Over Ethernet (POE) Lighting

This course provides an overview of how POE Lighting can give you both power and data with low voltage wiring and open protocol, safely. The tremendous efficacy of LED lighting coupled with evolving standards and new component technologies by an increasing number of providers is bringing future proof POE lighting into the mainstream. Participants will learn about the value propositions of this technology, along with multiple system approaches in the market today.

Learning Objective 1:

Participants will learn about the latest cost and technology evolutions in PoE lighting technology and why it has become a more viable approach than in years past. This will include an overview of how it supports integration between multiple building systems and has a path forward to more options going forward.

Learning Objective 2:

Attendees will learn about PoE Energy Savings factors and how the various components and design choices influence the overall outcome, as well as how the buildings community is coalescing to resolve the inevitable new issues that arise with emerging technologies.

Learning Objective 3:

Three different types of system platforms and architectures will be presented showing the impact of each with respect to lighting design and engineering. Attendees will learn about important testing and quality considerations as systems become increasingly more interoperable.

Learning Objective 4:

The impact of POE Lighting on the project process including new roles and responsibilities across the channel and value chain will be reviewed, along with a summary of pros and cons of the technology to-date.


Carol Jones, VP, Integrated Systems Development, has been a visible, published and active leader in the transformation of the lighting industry for 3+ decades. Her wide experience includes lighting design, standards development, emerging technologies, human factors research, energy efficiency, customer insights and system innovation. Carol has long been at the forefront of bringing higher value digital lighting into reality and is enthusiastic about how it will change our world for the better. 

She has been tangibly involved in the role of lighting within the Internet of Things, working to create a deeper understanding of how lighting can enable high value use cases for owners and users, without sacrificing lighting quality and controls intent. Prior to joining Axis, she worked at Enlighted, Philips Lighting, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and HLB Lighting Design.