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Disinfection Lighting*

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Disinfection lighting has been used commercially with mercury vapor lamps since the 1950’s. Today the entire industry is being remade with the advent of UV-LED sources. Formerly being limited to disinfection in unoccupied spaces or upper-room applications, now LED products are being commercialized for use in occupied spaces with duty cycle as long as 24/7. Understanding the science of both UV and Visible Light disinfection products helps us make the correct decision for our facilities. Please note the lighting devices being discussed here are not intended to be used as medical devices and are not registered as such under any applicable laws. Finally, 3rd party standards and testing will be presented so that you can better evaluate product compliance to exposure limits as defined by IEC 62471 and American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®) TLVs ® for human exposure to UV

David Korow, LC
David has 38 years of service with GE. He came to GE Lighting as a student co-op in Fluorescent Engineering in 1981; he took a full time position in the HID Lamp Design Department in 1983 after graduating with an electrical engineering degree from Cleveland State University. In his career with GE, David has served as a Design Engineer for Metal Halide Lamps for 15 years and as a Project Leader in Compact Fluorescent Lamps. For ten years, David served as Product Service Engineer for HID lamps and ballasts. Dave joined The Institute staff in 2009. In 2019 he continued his career at the Institute as an instructor working for GE Current, a Daintree Company. He is Lighting Certified (LC) by NCQLP.