IES-Montréal -Lunch-Éclair 16 Novembre 2021


« L’Éclairage circadien » et la santé

Cette présentation démontrera l’impact et les biens faits, sur la santé et le bien-être de l’Homme, que peut avoir un éclairage circadien efficace.

*Cette présentation se déroulera en anglais.

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L'impact de "l'éclairage circadien"

There has been an awakening of sorts this past year – an increased awareness of our personal surroundings as we have been limited in our ability to ‘roam freely about the cabin’ of life. We have explored, explained and experienced the importance of light in our daily lives. We should now be keenly aware that there are ways to surround ourselves with light that lead to healthier lives and safer environments.

This presentation is designed to demonstrate the impact circadian-effective lighting can have on overall health, wellness and safety for the general public in their everyday lives, from infants to older adults, from homes to hospital rooms. It will show attendees how to use the tools and techniques available to design these environments and review the significant body of research to support these outcomes.

Patricia Rizzo, MSc, EDAC, LEED AP

As Healthcare Segment Manager at Axis Lighting, Patricia integrates the latest global research and design principles into education, technology advancement and product design. Educator, researcher, lighting designer, product designer and program manager are but a few roles she has enjoyed throughout her 20+ year career.

Her diverse background provides rich material and perspectives to draw from when speaking about light for health and wellbeing.

Prior to her position at Axis Lighting she spent four years as Senior Lighting Applications Developer at Philips Research NA, and fifteen years at the Lighting Research Center, as Lead Researcher, Design Program Manager, and Adjunct Associate Professor. Patricia earned her Bachelor of Arts from Fordham University and Master of Science in Lighting degree from the Lighting Research Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.